How to Use Social Media for Recruitment Marketing

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How to Use Social Media for Recruitment Marketing

Choosing effective recruitment marketing tactics to find quality employees is a constant challenge.  Whether you are looking to fill a single position or trying to fully staff a new startup company, social media is a critical tool.

As of right now (Sept 2018), there are over 1 billion users on the social networks.  This makes it very likely that your next star employee is hanging out on one of them.  Let me show you how to find them.

Why Social Media is Effective

Social media is effective because of three main reasons.

1. The vast number of people using the platforms is staggering.

There is no other single location that can guarantee you the same volume of exposure.

2. You can leverage social proof and virality. 

Social media is all about being social.  People share things, tag people, and build connections with other people and brands like yours. You position yourself where you can be found and then become part of those conversations when you post.

People want to help their friends and family find quality and fulfilling work. They will share your posts and tag people that they think might be a good fit for the position.

3. You can use paid ads to get specific and find people.

Paid ads allow you to do some pretty amazing and specific targeting.  You can specify the age ranges, genders, locations, interests, and other traits that you think make up a good employee.

Then you let the social platform’s AI take over. As an advertiser, they want you to get results so you’ll keep paying money.  Their artificial intelligence programs will constantly be checking in on your ad performance and tweaking who they show it to help you get more visibility with the right people.

The Best Platforms to Use

There are many social media platforms that can help with recruitment. Deciding which one to use depends on the position you are hiring for as well as your target demographic.

  • Facebook: Ideal for 25+ individuals, not necessarily for high-level positions.
  • Instagram: Ideal for 18+ individuals, particularly the “creative” types such as graphic designers and coders
  • LinkedIn: Ideal for 25+ individuals who are seeking corporate positions

Take the time to consider the types of employees you are seeking. From there, you can spend more time on one platform over another.

You also need to focus on developing your profile for each platform so that job seekers can learn more about who you are and what you have to offer.  Make sure that you share your company culture so they learn who you are.

Top Tips When Recruiting on Social Media

  • Promote your business culture across the various platform profiles so that people know who you are and what they can expect if they were to come work for you.
  • Use the power of influencers to your advantage so that more people find out about your company and the positions you are hiring for.
  • Stay engaged throughout all of your recruiting efforts.
  • Explore some of the unique platforms and groups within the platforms that can help you to tap into your target audience more effectively.

Ultimately, the only way that job seekers are going to find out about you is if you put yourself out there.

You need to have well-developed profiles on each platform that you pursue. You should have links to your business as well as to the open job positions.

Further, you want to make sure that your profile looks the same from platform to platform so that you don’t confuse people who want to research you across different social channels.

The Benefits of Paid Ads

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various other platforms allow you to pay for ads. There are a number of benefits to this methodology.

The first is that it is a low-cost way for you to recruit in comparison to scheduling job fairs or working with a headhunter. The second is that it allows you to dial into your ideal demographics more effectively. Plus, you can set a budget that works for you.

Mogel is dedicated to recruitment process outsourcing using social media. For information or to request a quote, email today.



Written by Eric

Eric has a passion for connecting great companies with great talent. His clients praise his eagerness to take on challenges and do whatever it takes to meet their goals.

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