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Embracing the Digital Frontier: Meeting Gen Z’s Recruitment Expectations

In today's rapidly evolving job market, a seismic generational shift is underway. Generation Z, the first true digital natives, are entering the workforce, bringing with them a unique set of expectations and preferences shaped by a lifetime of technological immersion. This shift presents both challenges and opportunities for companies in the realm of talent acquisition. As a leader in strategic ...
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Adapting to Change: A Strategic Vision in EdTech Recruitment

Revitalising Recruitment in the EdTech Revolution In the ever-evolving world of educational technology, the only constant is change. It's a domain where innovation isn't just a buzzword, but the very lifeblood that drives progress. As the landscapes of learning and technology intertwine more intricately, the significance of strategic recruitment in charting the course of EdTech's future becomes increasingly apparent. With ...
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The Transformative Power of EdTech: Envisioning a Brighter Future for Education

In the digital transformation era, the fusion of technology and education, known as EdTech, has emerged as a beacon of innovation, profoundly altering the educational landscape. This revolution transcends the mere adoption of digital tools; it represents a fundamental shift toward making learning more accessible, personalized, and effective for every student across the globe. By leveraging the latest technological advancements, ...
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Reflecting on a Year of Partnership and Progress

As the year continues, we at Mogel take a moment to pause and reflect. This year has unfolded as a tapestry of challenges, achievements, and, most significantly, enriching partnerships with you, our valued clients. In this season of reflection and joy, we extend our sincere gratitude for the trust and collaboration that have been the keystones of our shared journey ...
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Shaping the Future of Work: Navigating Recruitment’s New Horizon

The recruitment landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, marked by a significant shift towards digitalization and a renewed focus on sustainability. This period of change presents an opportunity for businesses to reassess and enhance their talent acquisition strategies, making them more aligned with the evolving expectations of both the market and the modern workforce. In this blog post, we will ...
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How to Recruit Employees: 6 Creative Strategies

There’s a very distinct ebb and flow in the job market. Sometimes the market is saturated with qualified candidates. Then other times, you’re lucky to receive even one suitable resume. Even in times of plenty, searching for a candidate who’s the right fit for your company can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Employees who demonstrate a ...
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