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Have you found it difficult to anticipate lulls and spikes in your company’s hiring needs? Do you find it hard to employ a full-time hiring staff because of this? In today’s professional world, the workforce is extremely mobile and having a full-time hiring staff does not make financial sense to many companies. These companies have found it extremely beneficial to turn to RPO (Recruitment Outsource Processing) strategies. With RPO, you are able to gain access to a large pool of skilled and experienced candidates who have been vetted by professionals who are extremely in tune with your company’s hiring needs. MOGEL’s RPO solutions have been found to substantially increase the number of qualified hires while lowering overhead costs, decreasing fill time, and reducing stress on hiring staffs, or even eliminating the need for them completely.

MOGEL offers several RPO solutions that will work with you as your company grows. We couple our extensive experience with data analytics and insight to help you fulfill your hiring needs.

  • On-Demand RPO: Flexible, on-demand contract recruiting services provide support during challenging periods of the recruitment cycle.
  • Short Term RPO: Adding to your internal team during times of need.
  • Point of Service RPO: Implementation of certain recruiting process steps, pinpointed on specific components of your talent acquisition process.
  • Full Cycle RPO: All-encompassing, full cycle recruiting for hiring within targeted business areas, geographic locations or niche demands.
  • Long-term, company wide RPO: Management of the complete end-to-end recruitment processes for all business areas, utilizing our proven 6 step recruitment process.
  • All Around Workforce Solutions: Combining our Integrated Talent Solutions with RPO components in one program to increase efficiency and visibility into your hiring program.

Let our RPO solutions take your organization to new levels of effectiveness. Please contact us to learn about how our RPO solutions can help you. With MOGEL keeping an eye on the horizons and forecasting your hiring trends, you are able to relax and focus on the most important things at hand: your products, services and customers, the reasons why you are in business.


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Eric has a passion for connecting great companies with great talent. His clients praise his eagerness to take on challenges and do whatever it takes to meet their goals.

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