February 11, 2019

Don’t Think Out of the Box – Think Like there is No Box!

Don’t Think Out of the Box – Think Like there is No Box!

We all know the old saying about thinking outside of the box. It is a super easy thing for anyone to say, especially a leader who wants creative results, but it is not always the easiest for people to follow through. This becomes especially true when employees feel like they are under strict pressure to be creative. Thinking outside the box means that the box is still there and still limiting. In truth, the box should be taken out of the equation completely if you want creative results.

If you want creativity in the workplace, you have to build a workplace that breeds creativity, and there is one key to doing so. You could put up a bunch of motivational posters to cover your otherwise empty workplace walls, or your can do something that actually works can create an environment that makes your employees happy.

This is easier to do then you would think, but highly underutilized management. Creating a happier and thus creative environment can mean listening and taking into consideration the ideas of all your employees, even those not part of your creative or problem solving team, no matter how far away from the box they are. Those are the ideas you want. While a lot of them may not be feasible, there will come a number of days where those ideas, the ones that are so many light years away from your original box, are the most brilliant things you have ever heard.

When you encourage your employees to be thinking like there is no box, you make them feel like they are listened to, and more importantly, valued. This in turn will makes them happier and more motivated. So making a small bit of effort to make employees happier and more creative is the gift that keeps on giving to a company.

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Written by Deandra

Deandra's expertise is making lasting connections between candidates and companies. She helps companies around the world find, hire and train top talent while helping candidates turn their passions into careers.

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