The 4 Biggest Changes for Staffing in 2019

The 4 Biggest Changes for Staffing in 2019 6451055aefe98.png

The 4 Biggest Changes for Staffing in 2019

A new year, a new staffing process… right? Well, maybe not entirely.

There are some staffing changes brewing in 2019 when it comes to recruitment and on-boarding. As businesses continue to scale and invest in different revenue streams, we expect to see some new trends emerge as they struggle to find and retain the best talent. The talent market continues to get more competitive. So, to help you stand out, we’ve compiled a list of four ways that you can stay ahead of the curve as an employer and recruit the best possible talent.

1) Leverage Your Brand

It might be time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture if you cannot seem to find the right talent even though you offer great positions, amazing benefits, competitive pay, and many in-demand perks.

As employees continue to fend off job offers and recruiters on digital platforms like LinkedIn, how do you stand out?

The key is to make your brand stronger and attract more talent that wants to be a part of it.

Employees like to feel included. They want to feel like they are part of something bigger. Your brand identity is a big way to communicate that. If you have a robust corporate responsibility program or a strong office culture — promote that! It shows potential employees that you are more than just about work and gives them better insight into what it is like to be a part of your team.

2) Shorten the Time to Hire

Look at last year’s recruitment and staffing data to understand how long your hiring process takes. How long does it take you to hire from the moment that you post the job advert to finding someone?

While you definitely need time to evaluate candidates, remember that staffing is a two-way street.

If you take a long time to schedule interviews and make decisions, you are actively letting good candidates slip away as they find employment elsewhere. Try to cut down the time to hire by:

  • identifying factors of inefficiency and working to reduce these
  • consider outsourcing staffing and recruiting
  • find ways to make that workload more manageable without losing efficiency

3) Invest in Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is vital to a functional, streamlined, and efficient workplace. Job searches are going the way that most informational searches have gone — online. Your hiring team doesn’t hold the power over information any longer. Potential candidates can search online for job posts and do research into your company. They can even seek out past and current employees to get a feel for what your company is like.

Going back to the earlier point, if you find that you miss out on good candidates or it takes far too much time to find suitable candidates, you need to think about recruitment marketing.

First and foremost, are you doing recruitment marketing?

  • Do you post a job on a website and then promptly forget about it?
  • Are your staffing and recruitment tools giving you what you need?

You need to evaluate your current efforts and come up with a comprehensive strategy to take it up a notch. You can work with external agencies for this, or try to do it in-house initially.

The goal is to identify where top talent in your field is, what sources they use to look for jobs, and how you can pinpoint them. Recruitment marketing ensures that candidates you work with are genuinely interested in you and your brand, and want to be a part of your team.

4) Revamp Your Resume Process

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you should get rid of the resume altogether — but I do want to remind you to look beyond resumes to ensure you are evaluating candidates in a fair and unbiased way.

Resumes may be a great way to communicate essential information, but you need to think about going out of the box to learn more. You need to get a sense of who the candidates are, what their working style is, and identify other desirable traits.

Alternative interview techniques might come in the form of :

  • video interviews
  • using social media more actively to talk to potential candidates
  • using more creative questions during the interview process

There are lots of burgeoning tech solutions in place to help bridge the gap between employee and employer, so why not explore that territory a little more and innovate your hiring practice?

These are just some of the trends and shifts we are observing as 2019 starts. While these are likely to see ebbs and flows, the main takeaway is to try and innovate your staffing process as much as possible to ensure you are finding and retaining the best talent possible. To learn more about us and how we can help your business in this mission, please contact us today!



Written by Christine

Christine has a comprehensive understanding of the people, processes, and operations involved in talent acquisition and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. She refuses to settle for simply meeting expectations of her clients, instead she has a reputation for exceeding them.

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