High Paying Jobs that Didn’t Exist a Generation Ago

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California’s Silicon Valley is the home to some of the top technology companies in the world. Startups, innovators and manufacturers and high-tech corporations all indirectly interconnect to drive scientific and technological developments. Research conducted in Silicon Valley reveal that every single science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) job will produce four other jobs in other sectors. Technology is creating high paying jobs and driving digital innovation in the media, finance, retail, insurance, education and health care industries.

Digital Publishing
The world of digital publishing has contributed to the closing down of national book stores chains like Borders. Self-publishing is a brave new world that is open to anyone with a dream, word processor and a good story. For example, Amazon’s Direct Publishing program pay authors with royalties based on how many of their books are purchased. Some of the most high-paying digital publishing jobs include editor, copywriter, sales representative, content manager and print production specialist. Ebook ghost writers can earn anywhere from $50 to $300 dollars per project.

App Development and Engineering
There are currently millions of apps available for every possible need. App developers and engineers research and implement high-quality and high-performance mobile applications for different platforms and operating systems. They explore, debug and solve complex device interaction and communication issues. App developers and engineers may troubleshoot hardware incompatibilities with front-end web technology and back-end software solutions. These technology professionals thrive on tackling and resolving complex challenges unprecedented problems. They must be familiar with software design patterns, computer programming concepts and the full mobile app development cycle. Per the BLS, software developers make around $100,000 per year.

Data Analyses and Science
Data analysts and scientists work in almost every possible industry. They may specialize in Big Data, business intelligence, market research, advanced algorithms, machine learning or artificial intelligence. They conduct research and compile information on areas, events, systems, individuals and organizations. They may use various internal, online, reference, government and data broker resources. Data analysts and scientists perform regular clean-up, monitoring and organizing activities to ensure data accuracy, integrity and accessibility. For example, they may analyze free Wi-Fi consumption patterns to track in-store customer movements.

Cyber Security Analyses
Almost one million new malware threats are created and released every day around the world. Implementing and maintaining excellent cyber security systems is the key to data integrity, individual protection, consumer confidentiality and corporate public relations. Internet technology, supercharged connectivity and ubiquitous smart phones empower cyber criminals to steal business, finance and personal information. Cyber security analysts and specialists protect organizations and individuals from risks and threats by conducting assessments, planning responses and executing new security measures. They deal with IT governance, compliance requirements and vulnerability management.

Health Care
Genetic counselors make around $72,000 per year. They work with patients to manage illnesses and prevent costly hospitalization. They are patient-centered health care professionals who use an individual’s personal history to assess the potential for genetic disorders or birth defects. More and more couples seek screening service and counseling help to ensure the well-being of their future children. Health informatics technicians (HIT) plan, implement and maintain electronic health record (EHR) systems. They deal with billing issues, participate in research projects, create educational reports and securely transfer electronic health data between providers and organizations.
Finally, the business world is seeing the creation of new positions because technology is revolutionizing how HR professionals handle payroll, recruitment, strategic planning and benefits administration. There are even third-party companies that provide HR services and consultations.



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