Aim for Success: Where Will the Jobs be in the Future 2020

Aim for Success: Where Will the Jobs be in the Future 2020 645105b14827e.jpeg

Aim for Success: Where Will the Jobs be in the Future 2020

Whether you’re a college or high school student, or you’re thinking about a career change, it’s helpful to know where the job market is headed in 2020 so you can chart your course for a successful career path.

Where will the jobs be in the future: 2020

Tech: The fact tech will still be an extremely popular and lucrative career path isn’t surprising. U.S. News & World Report points out that there will continue to be a shortage of workers in this field. The need for Information Technology professionals will be high across the board (and yes that’s still true even if you count the high number of jobs that are outsourced) including computer programmers, web developers, and computer support specialists.

Health Educator: According to it’s estimated that 23,000 new jobs in the health education industry will be added by 2020. Reasons for this include an aging baby boomer population, plus increasing costs of health care will encourage more consumers to adopt healthier lifestyles. Schools, communities, and corporations will want to educate their students, citizens, and employees.

Registered Nurse: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the need for nurses will increase nearly 16% in the coming years. The increasing need for nurses is similar to the reasons for Health Educators – increasing health care costs will cause more patients to seek out small health clinics, for basic care – which nurses can staff themselves, in addition to the aging population and their increased medical needs.

Environmental Science: CareerProfiles points out that as the world continues to grow, we are using increasing amounts of resources and will need to find ways to refresh those resources.  Whether it’s business or government, all will be looking for ways to “help heat and cool buildings, conserve water, control pollution, produce food, improve infrastructure and thwart global warming.”

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