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Employer Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Some companies don’t need a recruiting department full time. And some find themselves in situations where they need more support. Why not just pay for what you need? That’s where we come in to help fill in the gaps. We turn your recruiting spend from a budget to an investment. There are many different ways to hire in the workforce, this includes:

  • Enterprise RPO
  • Hybrid RPO
  • On Demand RPO

Global Talent Solutions

At Mogel, we have a far-reaching network that extends beyond the US, encompassing nearshore and offshore teams in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Mexico. This extensive Global Reach empowers us to source top talent from diverse geographical locations, providing you with access to a wide array of skills and perspectives.

  • Project-Based Staffing: Quick deployment of qualified professionals for specific projects.
  • Contract Staffing: Hiring contract professionals for specific durations.
  • Temporary-to-Permanent Placement: Evaluating talent before transitioning to permanent positions.
  • Direct Hire: Recruiting and hiring candidates directly for permanent positions.
  • Executive Search: Specialized recruitment of top-level executives and leaders for permanent positions.

HR Consulting

HR consulting is a service provided by MOGEL consultants to clients in order to help them improve their human resource management.  Our goal is to increase efficiency and performance, comply with laws and regulations, manage talent, and handle any challenges that may be unique to a company's HR needs.

  • Talent acquisition and management: We help develop strategies to recruit and retain top talent. This includes creating job descriptions, developing compensation and benefits strategies, creating career development programs, and planning succession.
  • Organizational design: MOGEL can provide expertise on the structure of a company's HR department and how to align it with the company's overall strategy.
  • Performance management: MOGEL can help establish a system to evaluate employee performance and productivity and recommend strategies for improvement.
  • Training and development: MOGEL can assess a company's training needs and help design and deliver programs to improve skills and knowledge among staff.
  • Change management: If a company is going through a transition, such as a merger or a shift in company culture, HR consultants can help manage the process and minimize disruption.

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Why Mogel?

We Leverage Technology To Its Fullest

Increasingly, the best businesses in the world are driven by passion but powered by technology. While we hold fast to timeless characteristics like honesty and integrity, we don’t hesitate to let go of old systems or processes to embrace new, better ones.

We Take A Collaborative Approach

Nobody knows better what a business needs in its recruiting program than the business itself. Before telling the companies we work with anything, we focus on asking them the right questions and not just listening to the answers, but hearing them.

We Offer Unmatched RPO Services

In RPO, it’s not uncommon for quality to be sacrificed in the name of quantity. Mogel differs from others in the industry by delivering exceptional service even in the highest-volume environments.

What people are saying

"Mogel has been an integral part of my success. They helped me quickly build out an office management team to support a company that tripled from about 300 to over 900 employees in just 5 months. Not only did they work quickly to accommodate our demands but they also were very thoughtful in selecting our candidates. The process was quick and smooth. We now have an amazing team with great camaraderie and a unique synergy between us. Mogel is a big part of why I love coming to work every day."

- One of the fastest growing SaaS companies in history

VP Operations

"Mogel has been able to provide us with a workforce globally. Accessing a flexible workforce immediately has enabled our solution to be calibrated according to project criteria. Managing the global projects with data, speed and accuracy contributed to my favorable experience."

- Leading Technology Company - SaaS


"The RPO program helped accelerate our competitive advantage and WIN! The development and execution of the talent strategy focused on sustainable results has been substantial. Forecasting workforce needs, balancing economies of scale met our high volume of demands."

- Financial Services Company

Vice President, Operations

"My experience with Mogel has been nothing short of amazing. They are, by far, the most professional team of people, as well as the most talented group I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Their sense of urgency and delivery is unmatched in the industry. Their reputation is one of high standards and impeccable customer service and it is well deserved. Not only are they able to deliver, they also are always willing to assist with individuals that I personally send over in need of work. Hands down my go to Agency and I would recommend them to anyone. No need to go elsewhere, they are the best."

- $14B Waste Management Company

Talent Acquisition Director


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